Consent & information

Request a Service Quote

A service quote is a documented service quotation accepted by the parties, which describes in basic terms the services to be provided by Edu.Change to the costumer, and which provides estimates of the fees for those services.

Parental/Carer Consent & Information

By definition, consent is the informed and freely given agreement to engage in activity, or permission for a specific thing to happen. This form outlines what information we process and how in which we do this.

We value your privacy, and therefore we ask you to provide consent on various information we collate as a company for different purposes. Please download the form to fill in your consent.

Privacy Notice

Throughout the participants time at Edu.Change, we will gather and use information relating to them. 

This document sets out what personal data we will hold about the participant, why we process that data, who we share this information with, and your rights in relation to your personal data processed by us. 

Data Policy

The Data Policy document is a set of guidelines to ensure that Edu.Change data and information assets are managed consistently and used properly. 

The Data Policy defines how we collect and store data at Eds.