28th July, 2023

We headed to Forest Way shops and enjoyed a lovely drink whilst we flicked through our recipe and selected ingredients.

14th July, 2023

With the girls of the group away the boys enjoyed a day cooking pizza and picnicking outside.

7th July, 2023

We missed Luke and David as both were away sick but we decided to crack on with the fun.

30th June, 2023

We visited a different supermarket and navigated it expertly.

23rd June, 2023

Whilst we were slightly low on staff this week, Jack ended up coming to our rescue (he heard the word cake and turned up in the car park ASAP!).

9th June, 2023
This week was another cracker of a week in which we returned to the old classic, the toasted sandwich but also tackled a new menu item; the fruit skewer.

2nd June, 2023

This week was very special for two reasons; the lovely Kayla joined us for a trail at Eds. Change and we waved goodbye to Ali Owers who is heading to Europe for 6 months.

26th May, 2023

With Katie away we thought we would have a little fun! Alongside our usual lunch preparation we played a new game called ‘remember your shopping’.

19th May, 2023

It is starting to get cold so we decided this was the week to BBQ (obviously). Despite the cold weather we had a wonderful time! and we welcomed a new member of the crew – Bianca!

12th May, 2023

Welcome to this Mother’s day addition of the newsletter. Today was a very special day in the Eds. Kitchen as we prepared a little something to say thank you to all our mums and our lunch.